Magis 40周年に寄せて ー アレッサンドロ・メンディーニ



I am happy to have made my Proust armchair in rotational plastic with Magis. It was the realization of a dream: to take an object that had always led an elite life and popularize it. This multi-coloured multiplication of the armchair, so perfect and so pithy, gives me a great deal of satisfaction.
Perhaps in the future it might be made in a smaller size, so that children can also enjoy sitting on a neo-eighteenth-century armchair?
I am also pleased to be a part of a story and a catalogue – that of Magis – made of works of the highest quality.


アレッサンドロ・メンディーニ / Alessandro Mendini



Products developped for Magis:

Magis Proust


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